"Kirby Gate"
"Kirby Gate"

"Kirby Gate"

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Double-page antique print (unfolded).

Hunting meet scene by CB. Individuals pictured include: The Duke of Marlborough; Mr Hugh Owen; Mr H.T.Barclay; Mr & Mrs Molyneux; Mr Arthur Coventry; Mrs Burns Hartopp; Lord Belper; Mr E.H.Baldock; Elizabeth, Countess of Wilton; Captain Burns Hartopp; Mr Launcelot Lowther; Walter Kyte; Mr J.D. Craddock; Mrs W. Lawson; Lady Angela Forbes; Mr Henry Chaplin; The Countess of Warwick; The Earl of Lonsdale; Lady Hartopp; General Brocklehurst; Mr A Pryor; Mr Foxhall Keene; Mrs Asquith; Princess Henry of Pless; Lord Henry Bentinck;Mrs Launcelot Lowther; Mr Cecil Chaplin; Tom Firr; Captain T. Boyce; Mr Tempest Wade.

Artist: Cuthbert Bradley ("CB")

Publication Date: 28th November 1901

Image size: 555mm x 416mm

Condition: very good.