Hogarth's "Hudibras" - Plates 9 & 10
Hogarth's "Hudibras" - Plates 9 & 10

Hogarth's "Hudibras" - Plates 9 & 10

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This is a large 18th century antique engraving of Samuel Butler's mock-herioic narrative poem "Hudibras" by William Hogarth, consisting of "The Committee" (Plate 9) and "Triumphant" (Plate 10).

In 1725, William Hogarth was commissioned by Philip Overton and John Cooper to engrave "twelve Historical and most Diverting Prints, taken from the celebrated Poem of Hudibras (the Don Quixot of this Nation)". These plates then passed to Robert Sayer (1725–1794), Overton's successor, with Hogarth's other early plates.

This print was published by Robert Sayer. Please note that this only includes plates 9 & 10 - other plates are available to purchase seperately.

"The Committee" (Plate 9) shows a panelled room with a dozen members of parliament, among them Hudibras, seated at a table on which lies a copy of the League and Covenant; a messenger rushes in through a door to right. 

"Triumphant" (Plate 10) shows Hudibras having arrested the fiddler and leading him to prison while Ralpho attaches his violin to the stocks; a ragged child with a hoop, a well-dressed woman and young man look on. 

Edition: Robert Sayer

Size: 640mm x 489mm

Condition: good - minor tears to edges but print is otherwise in good condition.