Hogarth's "Hudibras" - Plate 11
Hogarth's "Hudibras" - Plate 11

Hogarth's "Hudibras" - Plate 11

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This is a large 18th century antique engraving of Samuel Butler's mock-herioic narrative poem "Hudibras" by William Hogarth. This plate 11, depicting "The Burning of the Rumps at Temple Bar".

In 1725, William Hogarth was commissioned by Philip Overton and John Cooper to engrave "twelve Historical and most Diverting Prints, taken from the celebrated Poem of Hudibras (the Don Quixot of this Nation)". These plates then passed to Robert Sayer (1725–1794), Overton's successor, with Hogarth's other early plates.

This print was published by Robert Sayer. Please note that this only includes plate 11 - other plates are available to purchase seperately.

The Burning of the Rumps at Temple Bar (Plate 11) shows Londoners rioting before Temple Bar and burning pieces of beef in sign of hostility to the Rump Parliament; effigies of Hudibras and Ralpho carried on poles.

Edition: Robert Sayer

Size: 635mm x 488mm

Condition: fair - some tears and discolouration to margins, including a tear to the right margin measuring approx 130mm which extends into the print.